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[S] Información de primerísima mano

Hace algunas semanas comentábamos que la gente de FOX andaba buscando actores para participar como extras en algunas escenas de la serie que iban a ser rodadas en Tejas. Pues desde los foros de Television without pity os traemos los comentarios que ha dejado una de esas personas que participaron como extras sobre como le fue la experiencia:

"I was on set on Monday in Greenville Texas while they were filming at the Katy Depot Museum. Instead of sitting in the train car for 10 hours, we were told to walk in certain direction back and forth until they got the scene they wanted so hopefully I will be in the background more. Apparently they had their Christmas party over the weekend and some of them were still hung-over. Lol. They told us that their last day of filming is on Tuesday. If I remember correctly, they are going to resume filming January 6th (but they didn’t need extras because it was a car crash scene)

All the information that I gave earlier is starting to make sense. Lol. Michael, Lincoln, Sara, and Kellerman are in “Evansville, Indiana” getting on a train to Chicago. To get on the train Kellerman has Michael in “custody”. I’m not sure if Linc and Sara ever got tickets but it looked like Kellerman snuck them onboard after the ticket taker was gone. (hopefully they will use the take where I am walking right in front of Kellerman as he calls for Linc and Sara..Im wearing a dark maroon sweater carrying my coat and a travel bag)

There is a scene outside on the benches where Sara is sitting there waiting to get on the train and Linc comes up behind her and they talk for a minute. He lets her know that he really appreciates what she is doing for them. I couldn’t hear the whole dialog because I am walking in front of them.

There is another scene involving Michael and Kellerman. Michael pushes him against the wall. Again I am not sure about the dialog but I am hoping that it involves Michael threatening him to stay away from Sara.

After those shoots they put the camera on the train and used us as passengers as the ticket taker told us to move to the next cart. They also had us walking back and forth in a line…like during the first of the season when Michael and Linc disappear in the crowded street as Mahone tries to find them.
Those were the main scenes for Monday…I hope that this makes sense… so if anyone has any questions or comments post them.

Random observations from the set: lol.

•Paul (a.k.a. Kellerman) is very sweet. He will actually acknowledge us and play around more than the others.
•Dom (and I am hoping that it is just another bad day…) but he was kind of a dick on Wednesday and Monday. He threw a fit when his sunglasses were too dark. They offered to change the lenses so that he would be able to see and he said refused. He had to have different glasses. And he didn’t talk to anyone much…not even the crew.
•Sara is prettier in person. On the show and in pictures… yeah she is pretty, but on the set…she was gorgeous. I was alittle jealous.
•I hope that the ticket taker is better when the episode finally airs. On Wednesday… they spent the whole day on one scene with him and Kellerman. The guy kept screwing up his lines, lol everyone was pissed at the end of the day because they were behind."

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