sábado, enero 06, 2007

Reggie Lee es fascinante

Reggie Lee, que interpreta al agente Kim en la serie, ha sido elegido como el número 1 dentro del top 5 de los actores asiáticos más fascinante de la Tv. Aquí os dejo la noticia:

"Played by: Reggie Lee You can watch it: Mondays on Fox but the season just finished

Bill Kim might just be the scariest mothashutyourmouth on TV right now. It seemed like he came out of nowhere and turned everything upside down. He seems to know everyone and everything. Agent Paul Kellerman now has to report to Kim instead of directly to President Reynolds as in the past. But judging from the plot twist right at the end of the last season, things will change.

Kim’s ruthless efficiency is what makes him so menacing. And the fact that he always has a half smile when he talks just makes it that much creepier. I can’t get enough of Bill Kim, and I hope they keep him on as a regular character. He’s a badass!"

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