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[S] Spoilers de final de temporada

Ya sólo quedan 3 episodios para el final de temporada (recordamos que al contrario que otras series en EEUU, las temporadas en PB sólo duran 22 capítulos), y comienzan a aparecer numerosos Spoilers para el Season Finale.
Yo personalmente recomedaría no leerlos si eres de los que prefieren mantener el misterio, pero allá cada uno.

Por un lado Spoilers a modo general de eonline:

From Patricia in Springfield, New Jersey: Can you give me some Prison Break scoop? I need some info on my man Michael!
First of all, back off, be-yotch! Just kidding. There's plenty of Wenty to go around. "Your" man Michael is going back to prison, Patricia. Yes, sadly, I'm told Michael ends up behind bars before the season is over. But he won't be at Fox River. No, Michael will be spending some hard time in one of the worst prisons south of the border. And this time, he doesn't exactly have an escape plan mapped out on his person. Qué lástima, no?

Y aquí los Spoilers de SpoilerFix capítulo a capítulo:

Episode 2.19: Sweet Caroline
Airdate: March 5, 2007

* 02/19 - In Chicago, Michael has an encounter with President Reynolds (Patricia Wettig), and Sara has one with Mahone while C-Note performs his part of the bargain with Mahone. At the Mexico City airport, Bellick spots T-Bag while on his way to track down Sucre. Maricruz: Camille Guaty. Terrence Steadman: Jeff Perry. Source: TV Guide Online
* 02/14 - As Kellerman prepares for an assassination, Michael is determined to confront the President and expose her secrets recorded on the audiotape. Mahone plays a tense waiting game with Sarah. T-Bag’s lost luggage may prove a windfall for Bellick and Sucre. C-Note’s drastic actions leave him hanging. Guest Cast: Patricia Wettig as President Caroline Reynolds; Jeff Perry as Terrence Steadmen; Reggie Lee as Bill Kim; Camile Guaty as Maricruz Delgado; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Barbara Eve Harris as Lang; Kevin Dunn as Cooper Green; Karl Mekinen as Derek Sweeney. Source: FOX
* 01/27 - Lincoln hides near a warehouse, checking out some workers at work. Lincoln is interested in an old neighborhood friend: Derrick Sweeney, a dirt bag. When Derrick is alone, Lincoln goes to chat with him. Lincoln asks Derrick to hook him up with someone. Derrick eventually meets with Lincoln again and gives him three tickets... Tickets for what? Source: SpoilerFix.com
* 01/26 - "I'm doing an episode where I'll be on screen, and I believe it's a scene with Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael. I have not seen the script," [reveals Patricia Wettig.] Source: TV Guide Online

Episode 2.20: Panama
Airdate: March 2007

* 02/21 - T-Bag wants more and more of Chi Chi pretending to be Susan so he offers her more money. She is quite creeped out but agrees to if he pays upfront. This doesn't please T-Bag and actually kills the mood for him. What will T-Bag do to mood-breaker Chi Chi? Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
* 02/14 - Creepy T-Bag will have Chi Chi, in episode 2.20, not only look like Susan but also act like her, making Chi Chi play house with him. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
* 02/11 - T-Bag is in a Mexican Hotel with a woman named Chi Chi. This lady-of-the-night like woman dresses as Susan Hollander would in order to please T-Bag for the time he hired her. As expected, every time T-Bag plays, the game doesn't end pretty! Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.21: Fin Del Camino
Airdate: March/April 2007

* 02/21 - There will be a twist during Sara's trial. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
* 02/17 - Sara is in court where she is on trial. Her senior counsel, a man named Marty Gregg, wants to use a tape as evidence but the prosecutor objects as he claims that it is the propaganda tape Michael and Lincoln released to the press and that it was debunked. The lawyer tries to desperately have this tape play as it will exonerate Sara. Will Sara pay for having left the door unlocked and helping Michael and Lincoln in the last few weeks? Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.22: Title Unknown (Season finale)
Airdate: April 2007

* new 02/24 - This episode will pick up where episode 2.21 left off. Michael is on a boat at the Caribbean docks. He is stressed and seems to be waiting for something... or some people... A 16-years-old named Chaco comes to him and offers to sell him anything from beer to drugs. At first Michael sends the kid away but later, he finds him as he needs something from the teen. Source: SpoilerFix.com

General Spoilers:

* 02/07 - Series creator Paul Scheuring also told me that a new female series regular will be added to the cast next season. "She is Michael's equal in terms of intelligence," he revealed of the not-yet-cast newbie. "And she would seem to be coming down on the side of good initially, but there will be questions about whether that's a facade. And she'll be a love interest for one of our characters." Scheuring also spilled that "90 percent" of the conspiracy will (thankfully) be wrapped up by the end of this season. "The audience will definitely get closure. It'll feel like this is the endgame of the story, and yet there will be a few unanswered questions." Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
* 01/31 - Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring told me so himself. "We wouldn't kill [Sarah Wayne Callies' character] off for having a child," he says. "We're planning on going forward with her in the series, because she's one of our strongest components." Scheuring also ruled out incorporating the pregnancy into the show. Instead, he and his fellow producers are devising "creative ways" to account for Sara's disappearance this fall. (Callies is due in late summer, just as production on the anticipated third season gets underway.) "It actually fits into what we were already planning," says the exec, who would neither confirm nor deny that Sara would be the victim of yet another kidnapping. "We definitely have creative work-arounds to account for her character being MIA. We would have explanations for why she wasn't in the first batch of episodes." Paul Scheuring also teased that Season 3 would feature "a different storytelling process" that will begin to "play out in the last couple episodes of Season 2" and "leave some cliff-hangers, including one with Sara." Although mum on specifics, he says the new conceit will involve bringing "some of the surviving members of the gang back together," in addition to introducing several new faces. "In the model of Lethal Weapon, where in every subsequent sequel they had a new participant, we're going to be doing that as well. We brought in Mahone for Season 2, and we plan on adding one or two major new characters/actors for Season 3." Does that mean my buddy William Fichtner's days are numbered? "Let's just put it this way: We're very, very happy with Bill Fichtner." Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
* 01/31 - It seems the President will soon hear the tape. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
* 11/08 - Kim's boss is set to recur throughout the rest of the season and possibly next season! Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat

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