domingo, abril 15, 2007

Entrevista a Wentworth Miller

Salvo aquel video de apenas 20 segundos doblado en español que vimos hace pocos días, esta es la primera vez que Wentworth habla de la 3era Temporada. Esta es la entrevista, publicada en el número de esta semana de la revista TV&Satellite week:

The action shifts quite a bit in this week’s episode, doesn’t it?
Yes. Michael and Lincoln go to Montana to chase down a lead and they’ve now got Agent Kellerman [Paul Adelstein] on their side.

Considering what Kellerman has done to hunt down Michael, do you think it’s a remarkable alliance?
What’s fascinating is that Michael and Kellerman actually reflect each other in many ways. They’re both driven men, working on either side of this equation. And at the end of this episode another body drops in true Prison Break-style.

The first series was all about trying to break out of prison and the second series is all about being on the run. How different have the two series been for you?
Being in prison for the first season launched the show in a really spectacular and authentic way, but in the second season we’re outside, wearing civilian clothing and walking down city streets. It feels like a very different playground, and I think it’s a hallmark of the show to reinvent itself from season to season. I think that we’ll see the same thing from the second to the third season.

Can you tell us anything about the third series?
I think we’ll see a tapering off of the government conspiracy and I think that old scores will be settled. For example, the fact remains that Michael held up a bank and then escaped from a prison, which is of course an offence, and he has committed countless offences in the episodes since. So I think that he’s looking at some real jail time somewhere down the line.

What is going to happen between Michael and Sara [Sarah Wayne Callies]?
There is a union of sorts that happens in the next few episodes. Sara holds the key to the government conspiracy, so that brings her back into the mix, and Michael and Sara still have that romantic bond. The challenge is how do they act on that. It’s difficult and compelling at the same time.

Do you prefer doing the scenes with just one or two co-stars as opposed to those with a big ensemble?
I loved the whole dynamic of the first season with the eight alpha males locked up. But the second season has given Michael a chance to show some warmer, more vulnerable colours as he’s on the road with his brother, with Sara, with people that he knows and trusts andfeels that he can let his defences down with.

The balance between Michael and Lincoln goes back and forth throughout the series. Who’s the dominant brother?
I think that Michael has the book-smarts and Lincoln has the street-smarts. Ultimately those two are like chocolate and peanut butter. They work great together, but on the way to that final equation there will be some jostling and bruising of egos – but that’s true to life, isn’t it?

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