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Paul Scheuring habla de la 3era Temporada

El Boom del anuncio de confirmación de al 3era Temporada ha hecho que todo el mundo hable de ella. En Tv Guide publican una entrevista en la que Paul Scheuring comenta algunos detalles (si es que queda alguno que no hayan desveldo ya)

TVGuide.com: Exactly when did you arrive at what would become the concept for Season 3? Was figuring out where to take the brothers next one of the toughest nuts to crack to date?
Paul T. Scheuring: Absolutely, this was the toughest nut to crack thus far. We always had the first two seasons mapped out in concept, and we always felt like we'd cross the bridge of Season 3 when we got there. Over this season, as the ratings started coming in strong, we had the feeling that we'd need to figure it out, and we started to formulate ideas. We pitched our concept to the network, and after some give-and-take and creative discussions with [Fox Entertainment president] Peter Liguori and his team, we arrived at something we liked.

TVGuide.com: How much can you reveal about the premise, without spoiling the remainder of this season? Has a foundation for Season 3 already been hinted at, or is there an upcoming episode to watch for?
Scheuring: There's not too much that we can divulge. By the end of the season finale [airing April 2], people will understand where the characters stand. We leave a lot of mysteries on the table. We just finished shooting the season finale last week.

TVGuide.com: Did Sarah Wayne Callies' real-life pregnancy/availability "detour" your Season 3 plan at all? Or did it perhaps offer you a creative "a-ha" moment?
Not really, not in the larger construct, but in the short term she'll be missing a few of the early episodes while she's out on maternity [leave]. The pregnancy will not be written in.

TVGuide.com: Are you scouting new locations yet? There's been talk that Prison Break may call Florida home for some of next season.
Scheuring: We'll still be based out of Dallas, with the occasional satellite crew in Florida and Louisiana.

TVGuide.com: Michael and Lincoln and the assorted cons, Sara, Bellick, Kellerman and Mahone... what percentage of the current key players will "survive" to Season 3? And do those cast members know who they are yet?
Scheuring: The cast members who will return next season know who they are — more than half will be back. But I can't reveal more than that.

Fuente: Tv Guide

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