miércoles, enero 24, 2007

LA niñera de Wentworth

Recientemente ha aparecido en los medios de comunicación de EEUU, la mujer que durante un año se encargó de cuidar del joven Wentworth mientras sus padres trabajaban. La niñera afirma que era un joven encantador y que siguen manteniendo el contacto. Estas son sus palabras:

"Rose Green, who lives in Beech Road, started taking care of Wentworth Miller when he was four months old and looked after him until he left the country a year later.

“It came through a neighbour of mine,” she said. “Wentworth’s parents asked if she would look after him. She said she couldn’t but she knew someone who probably could, which was me.”

And so Mrs Green looked after the baby during the day while his mother, Joy, taught special needs children at Upper Heyford US Airforce base.

“He was lovely,” Mrs Green recalled, “Very placid. I’m not a childminder, I was just doing it as a favour, but he was really nice.

“When they went back to America, his mum said ‘he’ll never ever forget you’ and I said I would never do it again because it broke my heart when he went, I got so attached to him.”

And he was the only baby she ever looked after - apart from her three children and two grand- children.

Mrs Green still keeps in touch with the family and gets letters and pictures at least once a year."

Fuente: Prison Break buff

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