domingo, julio 15, 2007

Rodaje en Las Colinas

El equipo de Prison Break al completo lleva ya varios días rodando los primeros capítulos de la 3era Temporada en Las Colinas, un pueblo de Tejas. Esto es lo que comenta una afortunada que se pasó por el set de rodaje para cotillear un poco la grabación:

Filming today in Las Colinas

Thanks to The_Man for giving me info on where they are filming today. I went down to the Movie Studios in Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. When I got there (6:00 pm) I saw some extras dressed as prisoners coming out of the soundstage. They were done for the day with their part of the filming .
I asked one of the extras if they were filming Prison Break inside and he said yes this is where they are filming the indoor prison scenes for the Panama jail. He told me the outdoor prison scenes are shot at a former juvenile detention center off Harry Hines blvd and at another jail in Ft. Worth.
The actors that were there to film scenes today were Wentworth , Wade and William Fichtner.
I didn't have a lot of time to ask him more questions but he also told me they are filming at these studios for the next four days. So for all you Dallas girls who might want to try your luck in meeting the actors just go to the Studios in Las Colinas and go toward the back where they have a bunch of white trailers set up. A good time to go is before filming starts at about 7:00 am or when they finish. I left there at 7:00 and they were still in there filming.

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Julie dijo...

I would like to know waht day did you go to Las Colinas? Because I would like to go there but I don't know if they shoot on saturday or sunday?
You can answer me on my blog on my mail:
Thank you!!