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Continua la gira europea de SWC

El Reino Unido es la segunda parada en la visita que Sarah Wayne Callies está realizando por Europa. Allí, como no, Sarah ha concedido una entrevista (algo más interesante que las concedidas en estos lares) en la que, entre otras cosas, comenta que el rodaje de la 3era Temporada comenzará en Junio, aunque ella no sé incorporará hastá después de cumplir la baja por el parto, y que, después de 4 lluvioso días por España, en los que por las restricciones del parto en lo que a comida se refiere, estaba deseando llegar a Inglaterra... Bien es cierto que en los días que pasó por aquí no tuvo demasiada suerte con el tiempo, pero si algo tiene este país es buen tiempo y comida (amén de políticos corruptos). Tiene narices que diga que estaba deseando llegar a Londres....!

When will Series Three filming commence
The rest of the cast will go back in June and I will go back post -baby.
And how will the story continue
I don’t know a thing and I don’t know that anyone really does. There’s a lot of discussion going on right now about the direction thing will go in but I don’t know that there is anything concrete. By the end of the last episode of the second season Sarah has got a lot of things to atone for and I’d like to see her look squarely in the mirror and try and decide if she likes who she has become. I think the time has come for her to take a deep breath and evaluate and figure these things out.
Dr Sarah is quite and intense character. Do you ever find it hard to leave that behind after a long day filming
She and I have been together for a long time now. It’s been a couple of years and I think I’m used to putting it on and taking it off fairly fluidly but at the same time there is a sense that you want to leave it all on the field at the end of the day. I’m usually tired at the end of the day and sometimes a bit disorientated but I think that’s just a sign that I turned up at work. Also I don’t work everyday so whereas Sarah will probably consume a day where I’m working the next day I may be off and then that’s all me.

There have been rumours that the producers plan to incorporate your pregnancy into the show. Is that true
No it would not be possible. The show moves too slowly. The first two series have only been eight weeks in terms of the real time of the story line so if Sarah is pregnant it’s not Michael’s baby and that’s a wrench that I don’t think they need to throw into things.

Is there anything you would like to do outside of Prison Break
So much. There was a couple of films I was offered recently but obviously I’ve not been able to do at the moment with being pregnant but those would have been lots of fun.

Are you enjoying visiting England
I have a lot of family here and I lived here for a while when I was younger so for me being here is about catching up with people and what restaurants I want to make sure I hit and that kind of thing. It’s quite bizarre I found myself on a plane here from Spain and after four days of getting rained on and the dietary restrictions of being pregnant and I’m thinking I can’t wait to get to England for the weather and the cuisine. Then I laughed and thought hang on that’s not what people usually go to London for.

How are you finding pregnancy
I’m enjoying it now but at the beginning it was very hard, especially while I was working and before I told anyone and I was really sick. There were a few days where I’d sort of think one foot in front of the other and just get through it. Passing that initial trimester has been an adventure and change but it’s been an awful lot of fun too.

Are you looking forward to motherhood
Yes I am but I think I’m appropriately terrified of it as well. I’m fully prepared to fall flat on my face but I think it’s going to be a continuing adventure and change and one that I’m certainly excited about.

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Anónimo dijo...

Tiene narices que diga que estaba deseando llegar a Londres....!

SWC es muy pelotilla, a cada uno le dice lo que quiere oír. Aquí habló bien de la comida y la bebida y luego a los inglesitos les dijo que les echaba de menos XD.

Yo ya la calé cuando le dijo al Wyoming que Wentworth Miller no era ni la mitad de guapo que él, je, je.

Ruth dijo...

Madre mia!!! Llevo dias sin poder entrar y cuando lo hago me encuentro con esto ...alucino con la señora (y mira que la admiro)...
Como puede ser que diga que esta deseando llegar a Londres porque vaya tiempo que ha hecho en España, ¡¡¡chiquilla!!! que en Londres llueve un dia si y otro tb !!!!!!...
Y con respecto a la comida, eso si que no!!! quejate del tiempo español si quieres pero no de la comida , en España si algo hay es buena comida!!!!...además, que falsilla ha salido, aqui si algo destacó en las entrevistas es que le encantó la comida y el vino español...(es el mejor por cierto)
Me decepcionas Sarah...jejeje