sábado, abril 07, 2007

[3ª] El futuro de C-Note

Mucho se ha hablado sobre el futuro papel de Rockmonf Dunbar (C-Note) en la 3era Temporada. En una entrevista para TV Guide da algunas pistas:

"TV Guide: So, Rockmond, is that it for C-Note?
Rockmond Dunbar: Well, he’s not dead. He went off into the witness protection program with his family. His story is done, but all that’s happened with me is that I’m not a regular castmember. I’m a recurring one now.

TVG: Ah, so you could come back.
RD: Yeah, I could, but you know, I’ve already moved on to my next series, Heartland.

TVG: Were you surprised when you were told that C-Note was leaving the show?
RD: I was, especially because I had been told that C-Note was going to be OK. When the script for Episode 18 was sent to me, [the producers] called me and said “Hey Rock, you’re hanging at the end of the episode, but we want to tell you that you’re not dead!” So I was a little worried because we get the scripts a few days apart. Then, in Episode 19, C-Note’s still alive, so that was OK. But then, I got a call, and they said, “Hey, um, Rock? You know how we told you that you were OK? We’ve painted your character into a corner and we don’t know where he could go. We can’t have you as a regular player anymore, but we love you and the relationship we have with you, so we’d like you to have a recurring role. You can sit around and get a smaller contract, or you can go out and try to get something else. We hate to lose you, but we also don’t want you just sitting around collecting cheques.” And that’s the biggest thing, you know? I don’t care how much money I make, I love to work. That time between “action” and “cut” is so precious to me. C-Note, in my eyes, is someone that may be invited back again, maybe not, but I’ve moved on to a different show, and I’m really happy about that."

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